DreamHost are


… purely excellent.

I’ve only ever had 3 downtimes with them in a whole year, totaling to a nice 99.8% uptime. With my old host, I had been experiencing so many problems I couldn’t get any work done, so thank you to DH for providing such a great service :slight_smile:

Any other success stories?


If you do a search here you’ll find a lot of people who are pretty happy with their experiences here.

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Some have more downtime than you do. But overall they seem nice, except for some that experience immediate termination that violates their TOS :slight_smile:

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Yes, especially when you read this blog. They suffer quite lots of problem since last year’s power outage, but one plus thing is that they are very honest with it and have a good will to improve.

Btw, I like their own web panel most :slight_smile:

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