Dreamhost API - Subdomain Creation

software development


Is it possible to use the Dreamhost API to create subdomains registrations?

I frequently bring up new subdomains for testing out new software project ideas, and going through the Panel is kind of tedious. I’d really prefer to have a command line tool to add a subdomain…

Has anyone ever tried this?


It doesn’t appear to be in the list of commands available when creating an API key in the panel.

If you study the list you note that commands that you would want to use when reselling as a host are not there (create database, create domain/subdomain, create mail account). I suspect the reason is so that you can’t private label dreamhost services and re-sell them under your own site.


Shoot. I wasn’t planning on reselling the services. We’re just web developers who like to toy around… Guess it’s time to bite the bullet and set up a local apache server and then just use the DNS functions.


I figured that to be the case, especially since your request was only about creating sub-domains and not the domain itself. Unfortunately dreamhost via the webpanel doesn’t distinguish the two as being different. Stating the reason was only to show why they most likely do not make those particular functions available via API.