Dreamhost Apache Configuration & Varnish


So, I’m interested installing varnish on my dedicated server and I’m having some difficulty because of the nature of the apache configuration dreamhost uses.

Is there documentation I’m missing about how dreamhost is configured?

Is there a guide specifically on varnish?

Some background information:
I’d like to use varnish to help with site speed on my wordpress installations. I’ve seen some articles describing the use of caching plugins with wordpress pertaining to the dreamhost spec but actually installing varnish is eluding me because I don’t quite understand how dreamhost runs the server.

produces a unrecognized service response.

Any help or insights into this would be marvelous.


Hi Chris,
On my dedicated server (the current os is Ubuntu 12.04.5 ‘precise’) apache is controlled by this file:
You may need to make some changes there to get varnish to run.

To control apache:
sudo /etc/init.d/httpd2 restart | start | stop | reload

Of course your server may be different, I started this server in March 2014.
You may want to wait until one of the DH techs gives you a real answer.

What @mort says is correct, the Ubuntu version on the dedicated server runs good old initd, any documentation you apply should refer to Ubuntu Precise.

Hello, can you confirm that Varnish is the best cache system ? a lot better than wordpress plugins as W2 total cache ?

But there is no way to use it easily on a dedicated ? Need to install, etc… ?