Dreamhost and webservices


Can we use DreamHost to host web services for applications?
If so, how?

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I would not recommend dreamhost — I am in the process of switching to another provider — their sytem is down too often and they don’t address the real problems. This comes from a customer who has stuck it out since 2004 - what a mistake!

I have been with Dreamhost since 2006 and have no complaints at all. Good support when needed, which was only twice in my case, since I never have problems and online since 2006, 99,7%, which is fine for me. I have my business running on the shared server, so not just a play site, but a money making website.

Given that you’ve been posting here for a year and a half, I’d believe you far more than that other guy who’s been posting here since…yesterday. That, and your experience mirrors mine as far as reliability and support.


I’ve been a DH customer since 2005. I’ve used other hosts but when I got DH under one of the promotions I have never looked back. DH has had some growing pains and the web mail is not all that great but I knew that beforehand and you can always use google to host your mail now (a lot more reliable). Overall I have had very few problems. I actually cannot recall anything that has happened over the past few years that was not resolved within a timely manner.

When you say you want to use applications it depends. Definitely not if it is something with a persistent process. Shared hosting is fine for most people though. Be sure to read the terms of use. They do have virtual private server though. I say get a good promo code and try them out. I ‘think’ 777 still gets you 1yr for like 10 bucks.

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[quote]Can we use DreamHost to host web services for applications?
If so, how?[/quote]
Well, rather than address any questions of reliability and such, I thought I’d try to answer the technical aspects of your question.

So what types of web services are you thinking of hosting?

For instance, if you are thinking of hosting ReSTful web services, what are you thinking of using to implement your services? If you want to implement in PHP, Perl, Python or Ruby on Rails, a standard Dreamhost account may be sufficient depending on your load requirements. If you think you’ll require dedicated memory or CPU, or if you’re going to implement in Java/Tomcat/Resin or the like, you’ll need to go with Dreamhost PS. I say that because all Java application servers require a persistent server process and you need a Dreamhost PS account to run a persistent server process.

I’m not quite sure what one needs to run a .NET application server, but I have a suspicion that if that is your intention, you might be better off using a web host running full .NET capable servers rather than try to run .NET under linux. This isn’t my area of expertise, though so I’ll let others provide their better opinions if that’s what you need.

Let us know more about what you want to run and we’ll be able to provide better answers.

Disclaimer: I’m just a happy Dreamhost customer. I use Dreamhost PS for my forums, blogs, and such but I don’t actually run any web services on Dreamhost, though I work for a company that does build enterprise-level web services and web applications in financial services.

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