Dreamhost and PEAR - What is the path to the PEAR folder

Hi, and thanks in advance!

I’m currently trying to install an application on my site, and am required to enter the PEAR path.

My problem is that I don’t know what the path is - does Dreamhost provide PEAR?? From what I’ve gathered PEAR is bundled with PHP(??)

Help with the location of the path to the PEAR folder would be hugely appreciated!



I didn’t think you’d have to supply a path to pear since it’s part of the PHP install and that article says nothing about a path. Maybe it’s looking for a module that’s not included in DH’s installation?


Cheers Jason!

I’m a little unsure - the application requires a number of PEAR packages which include:
-DB (v1.6.2)
-Archive_Tar (v1.1)
-Mail (v1.1.3)
-Mail_Mime (v1.2.1)
-XML_HTMLSax (v2.1.2)
-XML_Parser (v1.0.1)

It’s also trying to locate the PHP module “PSpell”.

There’s a note stating:
"Please enter your PEAR path. The installer has guessed that the directory below is where PEAR is installed, but it may be in a different directory. PEAR by default is installed underneath your PHP directory in /path/to/php/PEAR.

If the installer cannot find the PEAR registry, set this value blank before clicking next, and the installer will try to detect the classes manually. You will then be able to continue installing regardless of whether the PEAR classes were found."

I entered the default path provided by the application (/usr/local/lib/php), however I got the following error:

"PSpell not found. You can proceed with the install, however some functionality will not be available to you
Please run
pear upgrade DB
Please run
pear upgrade Mail
Required PEAR module “Mail_Mime” is not installed. Please run

pear install Mail_MimeRequired PEAR module “XML_HTMLSax” is not installed. Please run pear install XML_HTMLSax"

Do you think I’ve got the path wrong? The “upgrade DB” seems to suggest that the directory may be correct but the set up’s not up to date or a little incomplete?

btw - thanks for note about multiple posts - spot the newbie… :smiley:

I just compared my server to the KBase article and got the exact same list that’s in the article, didn’t realize how new tha article was…

That said there are some version descrepencies and a couple of packages required by you that are not there, namely XML_HTMLSax and Mail_Mime

you can check out the specifics of the php install by making a php script that contains:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

then call it from a browser to see the info printed to the screen, including modules

Looks like you’re in trouble :o


It sounds like the PEAR modules you need are not included in the default DH installation.

Fortunately, it is possible to install your own copy of PEAR in your home directory, and add the modules you need that way. See posts re: installing PEAR elsewhere in the Forums.