Dreamhost and mysql?

Hi, I am a secondary user on an account. My co-admin/owner of the account setup a database and ftp for me/us to transfer over our community to.

However, the address she gave me to access the phpmysql keeps bringing up “register.com” site with “Comming soon” on it.

Is there any other way to access the database? Our site has now been down for close to 13 hours because she had to direct the domain to here(Dreamhost) rather than our old host.

PLEASE help. Our members are getting very restless!!

you should be able to reach phpMyAdmin (is this what you’re talking about?) by visiting the hostname of the database, which will be a subdomain, something along the lines of mysql.domain.com - you’ll just need to enter the database username and password to access this tool

If you’re entering the subdomain and getting a register.com message you’re either doing a typo, or experiencing a delay in a DNS change propagation.

those are my guesses, hope it helps. If it doesn’t, more info would be helpful.


Thank you. I did finally get it to work. Must have been as you said, a delay of some sort.

Now I just wish I could get the SSH or telnet to work. growl I have some backed up files that are too large for phymyadmin. sigh But everytime I try to use Putty or telnet, I am only able to enter my name, but not my password. As soon as the spot to enter my password shows up my keyboard no longer functions. (for that program alone)

Any idea’s maybe?

You’re going to slap your forehead for this. When you connect to the server this way, you have a two-way conversation. Pretend your talking to another person. First, the person asks you for your username. As you say each letter, they repeat each letter back to you. Next, the person asks you for your password. As you say each letter, they say nothing back to you.

When it asks for the password, just type it in and press enter!

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS

Umm but, when I do that it shows me the password feild again?
I get:

Access denied
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.

So HOW do I solve the keyboard thing? When I turn off authentication of the keyboard, it then just says I am denied? ACK

So does that mean I have to wait for the “owner” of the hosting package? Even though I have access to the DB? There has GOT to be an easier way to upload the large .sql files. Or even break them up some how??

And yes, I did smack my forehead! LOL At this point, our site has been down since Friday afternoon, so awhile longer, in order to upload the larger files, will be no big deal! LOL

OH, and while I am at it ~_^ Once I solve the issue with the keyboard, WHERE do I upload the larger .sql files in order to use it via ssh? the host?
Thank you SO SO MUCH for your help. Can you tell I have never deal with a host before? LOL Home hosting is just so much easier. SIGH

I would upload straight into the home area. When you log into FTP you see yourdomain.com and some other folders, I’d just drop it right there. Taht way you won’t have to change directories when you log in via SSH.

As far as your log in difficulties, what program are you using? Perhaps you might try getting putty if your running windows. And do double check that you are typing the user name/pass correctly, also keeping in mind things are CaseSenSitiVe.


Thanks. I feel rather silly, but it turned out the account owner had given me Database access, FTP access, but forgotten the shell access! LOL

So, thankfully, she came home early, and I am just waiting for the system to acctually accept that yes I do have permmision now. Already been 2 hours at least, hope it won’t take too much longer. I’m impatient!!

Thank you all who helped!

In case anyone would like to know, ~_^ I know have access, but am unsuccessful thus far.

Would seem I have the wrong syntax somewhere, it is unable to connect to mysql. sigh

Have a support ticket in, and am just waiting for a response. I tell ya, so close, yet so far away.