Dreamhost and Movable Type trackback

I’ve been having issues with Movable Type not registering outgoing pings on my site. The sites I’ve pinged show that they’re receiving a ping, but my site still says “No URLs Pinged” in the trackback section of my posts. This is a recent phenomenon that’s happened with regularity for the past week. I’ve not changed my code, and it was working with no problems a week ago.

After talking with some friends, they reported that they had had a similar problem until their host (not Dreamhost) moved them to a differently configured server set up for MT users only. So I was wondering if any other Dreamhost MT users are having this problem. I don’t think it’s a host-related issue, but I’m trying to check all possibilities, even unlikely ones. Thanks for your time.

I don’t use trackbacks on my MT site, so I can’t tell you how common this problem is. I would suggest posting to the MT forums, if you have not already.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve posted over there, but I wanted to cover my bases.