Dreamhost and incoming Cnames


Hello, I have contacted support with this question but they dont seem to understand what im trying to ask.
I would like to host a cname for a site that is not using the dreamhost dns servers, on my dreamhost account. AS IN:
Ive got a domain with the dns on a seperate host (lets say, www.a.com has its dns and hosting with verio)
and i have a hosting plan with dreamhost.

I want to be able to create a cname with a.com (say blah.a.com that points INWARD to my dreamhost hosting account.)
SO, domain using other dns. blah.a.com is a cname that points to my dreamhost user account and im able to host on here. with the main site on a different dns.

if not, any solutions?


I suggest you to look at this :

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Yes, its possible, but the whole thing will come tumbling down the first time Dreamhost changes the public IP address of the box your site is on, or moves your site to a completely different box (and IP).

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