Dreamhost and CMS

Anyone using DH and install a CMS on their service?
I’m looking for a good host to support a Content Management System I’ll be purchasing for around $200, so I don’t want to go anywhere that won’t support it.

As of now, I think it requires MySql 3.23 or higher, JRE 1.4.1 realization, support for Servlet 2.3/JSP 1.2 or TOMCAT, Apache with JK connector is recommended as well.

So…my question is, has anyone used a CMS on their service or recommened a CMS package that works on DH?

I use Joomla! It’s ok, but I know there are other folks here who have much more experience with it than me.

Which CMS are you considering buying?

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Unfortunately, these are not supported at DreamHost.



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You can use Joomla or Typho3 which are based on PHP/MySQL.


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Any opinions or reviews on these programs?
Opinions, Comments, other recommendations?

Joomla’s a one click install here. Easy as pie to deal with. The rest have varying numbers of issues, usually related to users rather than administrators.

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What kind of site are you thinking of creating? Before I selected Joomla!, I considered Drupal, TikiWiki, and phpNuke/Post-Nuke. I also think that the recent magazine-like features added to MediaWiki along with the new forums features makes it much more interesting to try to configure it as a centrally managed content site rather than just a pure wiki.

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You can check out OpenSourceCMS.com. They have a bunch of demos & user reviews.

It’s just personal preference, but I usually use Wordpress.

With all the free options out there, I can’t picture what a CMS could do that I’d be willing to pay $200 for.

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I think Joomla is great, I’ve used it with 4 sites… It also has caching ability and templating features.

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