Dreamhost and Adsense

I was wondering how to set this up properly i looked in dreamhosts wiki and couple blogs on google and even had dreamhost call me but im still not confident that it was setup correctly i was wondering if you guys could take a look at it again. Thanks! =)

A edit Editdelete Delete
A edit Editdelete Delete
A edit Editdelete Delete
A edit Editdelete Delete
A edit Editdelete Delete
www CNAME pub-3044311070690918.afd.ghs.google.com. edit Editdelete Delete
Non-editable DreamHost DNS records for n1user.com:
Record (n1user.com zone) Type Value
NS ns1.dreamhost.com.
NS ns2.dreamhost.com.
NS ns3.dreamhost.com.
ftp A
mysql A

Its a little messy but you can kinda tell what it looks like from the control panel.

This is also what you get when you visit n1user.com or www.n1user.com - Yeah im pretty much lost on what to do cause the dreamhost person i talked to on phone didnt really know what he was talking about either. Also this isnt for a Parked domain just regular adsense ads for Wordpress.

Site Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster/ tech support immediately to have them rectify this.

error id: “bad_httpd_conf”

The DNS info looks correct.

The bad_httpd_conf error is a custom error message that indicates the internal network is having trouble redirecting to the correct location of your domain. You can fix this yourself by going to [color=#00CC00]Panel > Domains > Manage Domains[/color]

  • Click Edit (or Add) next to your Adsense domain

  • Set the domain as Fully Hosted

  • Check that the domain resolves to a blank folder (give it time to propogate, it won’t be instant).

  • Re-check (and re-add if necessary) your Adsense DNS info

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