Dreamhost affiliate

i signed up for dreamhost affiliate program. i got my my a/c number. i created a promo code. now what are the things i should know / do ?

  1. i placed the links to dreamhost using my dreamhost affiliate id. i also added if ppl use my code they will get webhosting for 24 dollars / year.

  2. how do they give 110 $ value hosting for just 24 $. will dh take money from us (affiliates).

i am very confused. pls somebody explain me clearly about the dreamhost affiliate.

and what will happen if 10 or more people use my promo code. will dh charge me?

pls reply. thanks.

Do: Refer people?

Don’t do: Spam… or you can lose the account and all referral money.

That’s not quite true, since a promo code is a one-shot discount. Once it’s time to renew, they don’t get to re-apply that discount.

You’re better off with something like, “Save $xx when you sign up at Dreamhost,” which doesn’t imply anything other than a one-time discount.

They give you $97 for each referral. If you choose to use a promo code, whatever discount you give comes out of your $97.

There is no limit to how many people can use the code–but each person can only use it once, since it’s for new account sign-ups only.

:stuck_out_tongue: Save up to $96 at Dreamhost with ALMOST97 promo code (I get $1).
Or save $97 with THEFULL97.

Under no circumstances will DreamHost charge you for an sign-ups you bring their way.

The worse that can happen, if you offer the max discount allowable with your promo-code, is that you will receive $0 rewards payment for that sign-up. Although, you may receive ‘secondary’ rewards payments later, if the customer you refer proceeds to refer others to DreamHost.


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well thanx for the replies to both of you. could you suggest how much discount i shall give so that i get somebody who signs up at dh. i have been an affiliate for more than 3 months. and i never knew about the promo codes. i simply displayed their banner/text. but none signed up. so i am planning to display the text saying

save dollar xx and sign up for dh.

any idea on how much shall i give discount so that me as well as my site visitor both get some profit?

That is a choice that you have to make, though you might consider that there a lot of “save $97” promo codes out there - kinda hard to “keep something for yourself” when so many others just “pass it on”, and maybe get $5.00 a pop on the “secondary” referrals. :wink:


so many others just “pass it on”, and maybe get $5.00 a pop on the “secondary” referrals.

Also, for monthly signups, with max discount of $50, IIRC, you get $47 for each “primary”.

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