Dreamhost Admin Panel Css Problem

Hi i just notice that dreamhost admin panel has a css problem and not all functions in the panel are not working… Like One click install. I really need it right now but i cant do anything because when i click “Install new website software - Advanced mode” Nothing happen.

Heres the screenshot on what i am seeing. I tried on firefox and IE browser:

See it here http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/9530/dreamhosterrorhe2.gif

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It works for me. However, I see that css is served from secure.newdream.net, so perhaps there’s an issue with you connecting to newdream.net


Thanks for your reply scott. Any suggestions on how fix this? coz i really dont have any idea… i tried to browse it on 3 browsers firefox, IE and chrome… All of them has the same problem with the admin panel…

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I amgetting this error:

secure.newdream.net:443 uses an invalid security certificate

The certificate expired on 10/6/2008

(Error code: sec_error_expired_certificate)

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I saw the css problem earlier this morning.

I went and made a coffee, came back, hit refresh, and it was fine.

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Well… everything is ok now…


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