Dreamhost account locked after installing Meteor

I was trying to use Meteor (www.meteor.com) on a shared hosting account. So I followed the instructions at www.meteor.com to run “curl https://install.meteor.com | /bin/sh”. It looked like it worked, but within a few seconds, my Dreamhost account was locked.

Does the Meteor install script do something that violates Dreamhost policies? And if so, is there any other way to use Meteor on a shared hosting account?

node.js — which is used by Meteor — causes some weird issues on our shared hosting servers that can trigger this behavior. We’re aware of the issue, but, for various reasons, it’s been difficult to fix.

That being said, Meteor won’t work on a shared hosting account anyway, as it runs as a persistent server process, which isn’t permitted. You’d need a DreamHost VPS or dedicated server to run Meteor.


Although Dreamhost support unlocked my account, it was locked again 5 months later, and forced by Dreamhost to move to VPS.

I did not take any action to cause this second incident. Rather, it appears that the second incident and the forced move to VPS all occurred because I failed to fully reverse the original meteor installation(?). It’s hard to investigate accurately because my account is still locked. Moral of story: if your account was locked for installing node.js and is now unlocked, BE SURE TO FULLY UNDO THE CONFIG/DELETE ALL RELATED FILES, especially if using some software like meteor that tries to automate everything and you might not know it’s still there. :frowning: