DreamHost a nightmare so far!

So far, DreamHost has been nothing but a nightmare for me.

I transferred my domain here from another provider last week, as we need a CVS solution, which my previous hosting provider did not offer. I have Subversion set up OK, but I have been unable to access my email on DreamHost servers, and after waiting 2 days 13 hours for a reply to my SECOND request for assistance, I got a worthless reply today, where the tech support rep did the same thing as the first rep, obviously did not read the thread, and I am still experiencing the exact same problem.

I reported this for the THIRD time 11 hours ago and have had no reply. It sucks that there is absolutely no way to call these people, I am a new customer and if this is not cleared up I guess I will need to demand a refund, but I am concerned about how that will go given their pathetic approach to customer support so far.

So, can someone recommend a reliable, economical hosting company out there that offers Subversion or CVS?

How exactly are you trying to access your email? Saying “I can’t access it” doesn’t narrow it down to being a DH problem, or a problem on your end.

Also, you don’t need to “demand” a refund… they offer one.

Let’s see, you’re asking at Dreamhost.com, so I’m going to go ahead and recommend Dreamhost.com. You can sign up at https://dreamhost.com/signup.

If you don’t like that recommendation, you can go to any host’s forum and they’ll be happy to recommend themselves as well.

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mtwyman, I have reviewed your support history and my evaluation is that you received two good support responses and then one bad support response. I have worked with the tech in question directly on being able to solve this problem in the future, as well as admonished them for not verifying that the attempted fix worked before responding to you. The more direct way to submit a complaint about a certain support response is to submit a complaint via the survey that is offered with each support reply. Complaints registered via that system go directly to the support manager rather then having to be noticed on this forum. I’ll add that the tech in question is very capable and made an innocent mistake on this one.

The second matter is the average response time to your questions. We have been averaging a 10-hour response time for the last 6 months. My current push is to get it under 5 hours on average. We steadily hire new techs, but have hired even more then usual this month and we are quickly getting them up to speed. Also, we made some adjustments to our system today to prevent questions from lingering past 24 hours, as that really is unacceptable. Please accept my apologies for your message that went over 24 hours and know that I am actively working to fix procedures so that it will not reoccur. I will note that it is not in our business model to offer call in support, but that our higher plans do offer callback support if you would like to have someone call you during a time window you specify.

And well, don’t just limit your survey participation to times when you’re blue! :wink: The survey can also be used to report a good/great support response. Pay it forward.