Dreamer One is a rookie

Completely new to Dream Host just signing up for an account earlier today. Waiting for the account/domain name to be registered with the DNS which Dream Host suggests it will take a day or two for the DNS registration.

If you can assist with the following it would be very much appreciated even though I think it is pretty rudimentary.

  1. First, is there a section in the forum I can go to for absolute beginners for getting this all set up so that I don’t waste your time?

  2. Do I have to have a web site for Dream Host to host before I can set up email accounts which I need ASAP.

  3. I tried adding a mailbox several times and failed. Does this mean the domain name has to be registered with the DNS first before I can set up email account? This seems to be the case from what I see in the “Manage Email” page.

  4. I purchased ($214.80 for two years) the “I Have a Great Happy Hosting Plan” and have received confirmation the payment has been received.

The domain name I am waiting for to be registered is: dohatokyo-dtc.com

  1. Do I have to wait for the DNS registration to complete before I can proceed to setting up email accounts/boxes?

Anywhere you can direct me to for getting this all set up ASAP would be most appreciated. In the mean time, I am reading everything I can off the wikidreamhost.com section.

I think what I need is just confirmation I am doing this correctly? Thank you.

  1. The beginners forum is a decent enough place to start :slight_smile:

  2. No, but you do need to have a hosting plan and a registered domain name.
    Dreamhost have a default landing page that gets set up for any new domain.

  3. Yes, you do need a registered domain with dreamhost before you can add email.

4 + 5) Not sure, someone else might be a bit more up to speed with how those things work.
I did check DNS for your domain, it looks like it only went up yesterday, and doesn’t have all the information my domains would normally have with it when I check against who.is

I was able to add an email inbox for a domain that is marked as “Fully hosted” but is not registered with Dreamhost.
But I’m not able to manage it due to a lack of DNS – I get a nice big “This domain is not set to use DreamHost’s nameservers” message when I view the DNS page for that domain of mine.


Thank you. It’s a start. Much appreciated.

Discovered how to find languages through SquirrelMail especially Japanese. Testing now. Hope it works because this is what I set this up for: Japanese language to do business through the web site being constructed and the SquirrelMail web mailer.