Dreameaver configuration?


I’m new to dreamhost, but I’ve setup plenty of sites before.

I’m having problems configuring Dreamweaver to ftp to my site. I can’t find anything in the wike or in the forums here. Can anyone tell me how the ftp should be configured in the site management?..

Also, until my domain name get transferred, what url can I use to test my site?.. I assume it is some variant of the dreamhost server name, but I can’t find anything that says what it is.

thanks for any help!

I have my ‘Remote Info’ in DreamWeaver setup as follows;

[color=#0000CC]Access: FTP
FTP Host: mydomain.com
Host Directory: Mydomain.com/
Login: MyUserName
Password: MyPassword[/color]

Probably the easiest way to access your site while you are waiting for your domain name to transfer is to create a free dreamhosters.com sub-domain and configure this to mirror your real domain. More details can be found in the wiki article linked below;



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