DreamCompute - View Dashboard button


Is it possible to change the button “View Dashboard” in the DreamCompute area (https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=cloud.compute&) to launch in new window (target="_blank")?

I’m sure it is possible and I’m also sure it will require a lenghty conversation with UX designers on whether that’s what the majority of customers will want :slight_smile: I’ll pass this on anyway.

Personally, I prefer to decide myself if I want a new tab/window or not and I have the middle button of my mouse to act. If I want the new page to stay in the same tab, left-click; new tab, middle-click. Maybe this helps you ease the pain until a consensus is reached :slight_smile:

True I can choose to open it myself in a new tab/window, it’s just that sometimes I forget that the dashboard doesn’t open a new tab/window and click anyways.

Considering there is no graceful way to transition back to DreamHost’s Web Panel from the DreamCompute Dashboard other than the back button or my Favorite Bar link, why not add a link back to the Web Panel within the DreamCompute Dashboard, or better yet, a link to manage DNS settings for a domain and DreamObjects.

Just trying to save a few clicks and thought I’d post it up here… :slight_smile:

I can’t be the only who is having to go back between DreamCompute’s Dashboard and the rest of DreamHost’s Web Panel. Then again, maybe I am. lol :slight_smile:

Either way thanks and stay awesome DreamHost!