DreamCompute username update

On Wednesday, October 5th, DreamHost will be making a change to the default username used when logging into new DreamCompute servers.

Instead of the “dhc-user” username, you will now use the operating system’s default username. This will make using automated tools easier, increase compatibility between cloud providers, and allow for simpler building of server images.

These are the default OS usernames:

Ubuntu: ubuntu
Debian: debian
Fedora: fedora
CentOS: centos
CoreOS: core

It’s important to note that this change only affects new servers. Any of your servers launched before this change will continue to use the “dhc-user” username.

If you ever forget which username to use, you can always check the metadata for the OS image of your server - https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/228377408

Thanks to this latest change, logging in has never been so standardized!

Was about to submit a ticket to support after I launched and terminated about 20 instances and kept on getting the message “dreamcompute disconnected: no supported authentication methods available server sent: publickey”

Changing username to ubuntu made all the difference.

Suggest adding this rather important little detail to the Dreamcompute docs ASAP.

Thanks, nhtahoe! Looks like most of the docs were updated but a couple were missed. They should all be good now.