DreamCompute: How to Increase Volume Size?



Hello Everybody!

How would I increase my volume size for one of my instances? I vaguely remember doing it once before, although I cannot seem to find the same steps again or remember what exactly I did back then.

Currently I have a 10GB volume and I want to increase it to 25GB.

I remember something about unmounting the volume and using CLI to expand the volume. Then remount the volume and start the instance and done. Again this is what I vaguely remember doing. I just know it wasn’t really complicated or involved. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time and have a great day!


Reach out to the technical helpdesk.
Responses can be faster from help desk than forums



We have a helpful guide for changing the resources of your instance:

I hope this helps!


I was hoping someone else had a solution before I reached out to support.

I don’t have a rush for an answer and I figured someone on here would have come across this need during their use of DreamCompute. I can’t be the only one needing to increase my volume size. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!


Found this as well before I posted. From my understand this just changes the flavor of your instance and not dealing with volumes.

Thanks though! :slight_smile:


Just in case anyone else needed the answer (at least as of this date/post) to this from support. Personally, I’ll just create a new instance and use my 10GB as a test server. :slight_smile:

  • Create a snapshot of the volume attached to your instance

  • Delete the instance

  • Once the volume is listed as “Available”, delete the snapshot

  • Extend the volume to the size you want

  • Create a new ephemeral instance (select “No” for the “Create New Volume” option)

  • Attach the extended volume to the new instance, mount the volume’s partition to the new instance’s operating system, and increase the partition size

  • Unmount the partition from the operating system and delete the instance to detach the volume from the instance

  • Launch a new instance that uses the extended/resized volume/partition as the boot source

Alternatively, you can augment the amount of space available to your instance by creating an additional volume, attaching it to the instance, creating a partition on the volume, and mounting it to your operating system. For more details on that option, see our knowledge base here:


hi, you go this link of deramhost you wil find all about your increase size.



Thanks for the reply!

The link you referenced is about changing your instance flavor (vCPU/RAM) and does not include details about increasing a volume.


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