DreamCompute Cloud User passwords (centos, debian, root, ...)

Hi! Just started with DreamCompute and having a hard time with passwords, Live Chat has no idea, tickets seem to take much longer, descriptions won’t help much either.

I got to the point where I am connected to my instance with SSH keys and can do most suff until, the system is asking me a password for user “centos” (or “debian” if that’s the case).

Live Chat tells me it’s the password I can set in Web Panel (seems to be false), Live Chat tells me it’s fully managed so I am on my own, in this case I would guess the default user password should be communicated (or empty) or at least the root password should be communicated (or empty) but both seem to be something else.

Does anyone know what the default user password is? How about the root password? Or at least where can I set there passwords?

Thanks a lot!

I got the answer from Andrew P (via Live Chat), no password set, so the answer is:

sudo passwd root
  • and you go from there :wink:

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