Dreamcompute and sudo

(I would have posted this as a support request, but none of the Dreamhost ‘Contact Support’ links do anything for me, in three different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and IE); in all 3 browsers, clicking on the link just brings me back to the same page)

I have a DreamCompute system set up, and I’m attempting to mount a volume. I’m at the step of calling fdisk to set up the volume. Unfortunately, sudo doesn’t work for me; it gives the error ‘sudo: unable to resolve host my-server’ (yes, I’m unimaginative when it comes to server names) I notice that the server name shown in the dashboard is ‘My-Server’; is it perhaps case-sensitive? I set this up a couple of months ago, and I don’t recall having entered two different versions of the name.


weird that the support links don’t work for you… which URL are you following?

On the specific issue: how exactly are you mounting the volume? what OS version is this? Trace back every move you made and describe it here so we can try to imagine what happened and maybe give you some meaningful help.

  1. When you click Contact Support, it shows you a Support History, if one exists. To actually contact support, use the Choose a Topic dropdown to start your ticket.

  2. Wild guess: Does having a dash in a servername screw things up?

Thank you! That actually let me submit a ticket.

I followed sdayman’s advice, and was able to actually submit a ticket.

I used the dashboard to create a volume, and attached it to my instance. Following the steps on how to mount a volume, the next step was to call fdisk using sudo, and using sudo was what was failing.

This is still insufficient to help us understand what you actually did and diagnose the problem you have. Hopefully the tech support folks can help you.

I’ve seen this error with sudo happen before and it turned out to be the hostname not set properly.

Make sure my-server is the only thing in /etc/hostname

Make sure there are entries for my-server and localhost in /etc/hosts that look similar to this: my-server localhost