DreamCatcher - what isn't covered?

I’m looking at signing up for three dedicated machines, each with DreamCatcher Platinum.

I assume if Apache crashed that would be caught at restarted, right? What about if a sendmail exploit is found and an update is needed - will DH take care of that too?

Yes - we’d notice if an Apache instance went down and restart it.

We don’t run Sendmail on any shared or dedicated customer machines (we use Postfix primarily), but yes - on manged dedicated servers, we take care of software updates, including security updates. In general, Debian is quick to respond to security holes, and so with most software, we simply track their security updates. With stuff we build ourself (Apache, kernels, MySQL, PHP), we build / test new packages and push them out when necessary.

Feel free to contact our sales team if you have any questions.

Thanks. What’s the ISP situation these days? I remember a while back you guys had redundant ISPs, but IIRC recently there was some downtime because the ISP went down. Are they still redundant?

Well of course redundancy doesn’t always solve all problems - there are plenty of ways for problems (both global and specific to certain other networks) to happen whether or not someone has redundant uplinks. For instance, if an ISP is “up” but has a problem reaching a particular network or host, problems will still come up; if a link is saturated, that can of course cause problems…

But yes - we are currently connected to three different network providers via two Gigabit Ethernet uplinks and a single Fast Ethernet uplink, on two separate routers. We use industry standard bgp4, so that if a link goes down, traffic will continue to flow. We will continue to upgrade and improve our network infrastructure in the coming year, by upgrading our backup router, and possibly by adding a third Gigabit uplink.

See also https://panel.dreamhost.com/kbase/index.cgi?area=433 (which basically says what I just said).