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This is my first post. I have had to contact support@dreamhost.com several times in order to access this Forum, although I was asked to consult the Forum first on the problems I have been experiencing today Saturday 1st January 2005.

At about 11.45 a.m. GMT, I attempted to make changes to my Dreambooks Guestbook for Westie ReHoming, a customer of mine with regards to web design. I found that the settings for my HTML Customization claimed to be ‘default’ throughout, whereas I have Customized all my pages. A blank box was then displayed below. I tried the common fix of refreshing several times, which thankfully worked. Having amended the HTML in the first page for editing, I then tried to Save the work. After 2 mins 30 seconds waiting for this to complete, I gave up and back-buttoned to another page. Lo and behold, this also started out blank. I repeated the above process for this page, it also would not Save. And so on for the other pages.

However, upon viewing the ‘real-time’ Dreambook for Westie ReHoming, I discovered that the pages had indeed saved OK. Re-visiting the HTML Customization index, I was still being told that all my page settings were default, and the initial problem experienced above (i.e. blank box for editing pages) was still prevalent.

Has anyone any idea what’s going on, as I have never ever had a problem with this before at Dreambooks?

Lee Johnson. :frowning:

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Further to my post above, I was horrified 10 minutes ago to discover that Westie ReHoming’s Guestbook was empty, when it should show 25 entries! So I backed-up and re-submitted all the entries which indeed showed up in Manage Entries section, but were missing from the ‘real-time’ Guestbook.

Luckily this worked.

I gather from other Forums and Threads that there was a massive problem around 29 December 2004. Is it this that is causing me such chaos lately?

Best wishes

Lee Johnson.

Beautiful Hrvatska.
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Thanks for all the help guys. :frowning:

Beautiful Hrvatska.
View it by visiting Croatia Site today.