When i return from the (link from my website) dreambooksite after reading it, i push the buttom "Back to ".
When i return to my own homepage , i suddenly got 2 frames on the left instead off 1 …

How can i avoid this ???

André (www.xs4all.nl/~andrezo/index.html)

Go into the section where you can manually edit your dreambook HTML code and put a target="_top" parameter in the link tag pointing back to your homepage. So a link would look like:
back to spinsugar.com, and you would make it look like :
back to spinsugar.com

If you don’t want to edit the html, find out the url of the frame on the right, and link back to that one, not to the whole framed document. So if I had a left frame called “left.html” and a right frame called “right.html”, I’d have the link point back to http://spinsugar.com/right.html instead of to index.html, the document with the frames.


Thanks ! I dodn’t know how i did it , but it works !