Dreambook vs bulletin board

Hi! I’m new to Dreamhost - my goal is to set up a few sites, 4 of which will contain bulletin boards. Since I am comfortable with Perl and with CGI, I was going to find a bulletin board script and install it – it seems that there are a few free ones out there. But Dreamhost offers the Dreambook – does anyone know if their Dreambook is preferable to using a bulletin board script? I don’t want ads on the pages.

I’m not looking for anything fancy here; these are family and community sites.

Does anyone have bulletin board scripts that they recommend? I think something similar to this system (once you click on a thread, all the messages for that thread are displayed) would be perfect.

dreambook is more a guestbook than a bulletin board.

there are some recommendations for bulletin board scripts below (check the two threads below this for examples).

I installed Ikonboard on my site and assisted in the set up on a non-profit site I manage. Ikon is free, but I highly recommend paying the $39 for them to install it vs doing it yourself. Less grief for one.

UBB by InfoPop is good, if you can afford it. I installed their demo. But I got more answers from the massive Ikonboard board than I did at Infopop.

Ikonboard prides themselves on assisting people hack into their board.

As for accessibility, Ikonboard is better. UBB is getting there but slowly.


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