DreamBook Management!

My DreamBook guestbook is still up, HOWEVER when i try to Manage it I am getting a message that says “You currently do not have any guestbooks”. ???
I sent a message to Support and their reply was
"Sorry about that, the server that runs the dreambooks had a problem loading customer info but has since been able to establish a connection to the filler and build the customer dreambook folders, your dreambooks are now back up."

I have tried again and I STILL get the same message "YOU CURRENTLY DO NOT HAVE ANY GUESTBOOKS"
Has anyone else experienced this problem and how did you fix it ? ? HELP ! HELLP !


Still no replies…
Hasn’t anyone else had this problem ???

I forgot about Dreambook… I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a website with a guestbook, as they tend to be spam magnets.

That’s just my guess as to why you’re not getting a big response here. It would probably be best to submit a follow-up to support, if you don’t get any replies here.

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Yes, I am having the exact same problem! I can manage to get to the dreambook panel but when I go to edit it says I don’t have a guestbook.
I just noticed this last night so I’m not sure how long the problem has existed.
I sent a support ticket 23 hours ago but only got two general replies appologizing for the delay in response.
I feel very vunerable not being able to delete inappropriate entries.

Same here. I received a reply today appologizing for delay.
Like you, I feel vunerable to the inappropriate entries that may occur.
It is very frustrating. I only hope they will be able to fix the problem and I don’t have to start all over creating a new DreamBook.
Will you please post if you hear anything new?
I’ll do the same.

Yes…same problem here.
About 4 days ago I successfully signed into Dreambook, and a day or 2 after that I got that same ‘you do not have any guestbooks’ message when I went to sign in again. I have more than one account that I manage & all the same. Very frustrating, as I need to remove some unwanted entries.
I hope they get this figured out soon. I have never had problems any other time.

Hi again,
I imagine we all got the same general Dreamhost email today (but just in case some one didn’t…here’s their latest comment on the guestbook issue)…

We are currently working on the server that handles management functions
for the DreamBook service. Once this server comes back online you will be
able to log into https://panel.dreamhost.com/dreambook/ and have your
guest book appear. At this time we dont have an ETA for when this server
will fixed but you can check http://dreamhoststatus.com for updates on
this issue. We sincerely regret the delay.

Thanks for the update.
I didn’t get that email until just a few minutes ago (10 pm central time).
I wonder if they will be able to ever fix this problem…???
AND I wonder how many folks are sending complaints to Support???
I usually never check the “manage” part of my Dreambooks. I just happened to decide to make a change this weekend when I discovered it.
I was shocked. :o

I was able to get mine to work as of the 14th, hope everyone else does also.

I need to print out my entries and wondered if anyone knew how I can have the ip address attached to the entries.

Hooray! I can get to mine now too.
WoW … what a relief !!!