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My site is hosted here on Dreamhost. I’ve configured a Dreambook with my site’s background and header images, and they show up correctly when I save the configuration at Dreambook management. But the images only show up sporadically on my dreambook itself. (They are there in the “view source” code, but not showing up on the page, and the images do exist and everything.) Is there anything I can do to fix this? If it makes a difference, my site lives on barqs.

The dreambook is here:

(If dreambook isn’t a good solution, can anyone suggest an easy-to-install, ad-free guestbook that will allow me to add/import the current entries?)

The images are hosted on a different web site. That web site has “hot linking” disabled.

The images are showing up sporadicaly because after you have looked at web pages on the same web site, the web browser keeps the images in memory for a short period of time. When you then visit a different web site that links to the same images, it just pulls them from memory.

If the web browser had to hit the web site every time it needed the image, the images would always be missing when looking at the DreamBook site.

So one solution would be to add http://books.dreambook.com/lynlos to the list of URLs that can hotlink to http://www.sinisefans.org/icon/

See Preventing hotlinking

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Ahhh – it was the link protection :slight_smile: I guess panel.dreamhost.com (where the guestbook configuration lives) is immune somehow? While books.dreambook.com is not.

A simple fix. Thank you so much for the help.