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I’m a dutch user of the Dreambook guestbook on my dutch website! Does anyone know if I can change the words ‘Sign the book’ on that ‘sign the book’- button in the dutch words ‘Verzend bericht’? Is that possible and if ‘Yes’ how can I do that?


The Wiki tells you how to customize the guestbook:



Thanks for your suggestion Scott! I looked at all the forms of the guestbook and changed all the english names into dutch names! However it didn’t go with two things: In the ‘Sign form’ there is under the word ‘Private? (with a little box)’ a button with the english text ‘Sign the book’’. I can’t find eneywhere how I can change that text in the dutch text ‘Verzend dit bericht’! Did I miss something? It is the most important text for me to translate into dutch!!!


I don’t use DreamBook. What’s the URL of yours? The Wiki article said you can change the button text.



I can’t found that! My guestbook URL is : http://books.dreambook.com/joson/ardennen.html


I see that the Wiki article is messed up due to formatting. Here’s what you’re supposed to do:

In the Edit Sign Form section, the HTML at in the bottom text box has:
==signform== (the equal signs are what messed up the Wiki entry).

Go to your current form and copy all the HTML code in the “form method=post” section between the tags. Copy all that, then paste it to replace ==signform== and fix the Sign the Book button text.



Thanks again for your fast answer Scott!!! But I’m afraid that’s too difficult for me! I’m an absolute beginner! I tried, but I’m afraid I make mistakes than can’t be fixed!


If the Wiki instructions make sense, go back to that Edit the signform screen. In the editing box at the bottom, replace the line:

With all of this:


Replace Sign the Book with the new language, and then save it. The good news is that it’s easy to revert to default if this doesn’t work.



Wow…you’re fantastic Scott!! But I feel like a ‘dumbo’! I can’t find the signform screen with the ==signform==.
My ‘Guestbook entry’ form gives the following HTML-text:

{{name}} {{/name}}{{mail}} {{/mail}}{{url}} {{/url}}{{comments}} {{/comments}}
Naam [[name]]
Email [[mail]]
Url [[url]]


Datum [[date]]

Is this the form where I must copy and paste your HTML text?


It’s the Sign Guestbook Form (signform). Here’s the link:



GREAT!!! IT WORKS!!! Thank you so much Scott!!!


Great! Now it’s completely unintelligible to me. Mission accomplished. I’m glad to know it’s that configurable and useful for everyone.