Dreambook as a weblog?

I’ve been thinking about creating a weblog and I’m wondering if DreamBook would be a good tool for that? Is anyone using DreamBook for that? Can you give me the URL so I can take a look? What do you think of DreamBook as a weblogging tool? Does anyone have any other suggestions for an easy weblogging tool? I want something that will be server based and that I can update from anywhere, e.g., in an Internet Cafe.


Dreambook COULD be very powerful. I’m still waiting eagerly for its version 2.0. But for the time being, check out Greymatter - http://www.noahgrey.com/greysoft/

Dreambook does actually support “weblog” features already too, though.

Choosing that your new book is a weblog rather than a guestbook basically turns off public posting. The dreambook owner (you) can still post to it though via http://manage.dreambook.com/ .

And of course the entire look/fields/etc… is fully HTML customizable. But yeah, there are lots of other remotely hosted weblog services like:


Do you know if anyone is using DreamBook as a web log? Is anyone here using it for anything? I’m wondering what people think of it? Where can I get technical details about how it’s implemented. I looked at the Greymatter site and it is based on perl. I like the idea of using something like DB where I don’t need to do anything to set it up, i.e., I can just use it and DH will deal with keeping the backend working and updated (I assume).

BTW, I would much prefer to discuss these things in a newsgroup – are there any newsgroups where people discuss DH or DB?


I like the greymatter one. In fact, I use it on my site as a dream journal (no pun intended) The setup wasn’t that hard and I found a premade “skin” for it.

Todd Eddy

w/r/t newsgroups, i’m pretty sure there isn’t a dh-related newsgroup.

i suppose we could create one (perhaps in the alt. hierarchy).

i’m not sure how popular such a newsgroup would be, however. i promise i’ll post to it if someone starts one though (and i’ll try to get some other DH staff to join as well)!