Dream objects control panel

(I see that today there is dream compute maintenance going on.)
This isn’t urgent for me, but…
In the control panel,the tabs for Usage, Migrations, and Account don’t work. Migrations & Account don’t do anything. Usage brings up the “Network error. Try again later.” alert. But MANAGE seems to work fine.
Sometime I’d like to check my usage and costs.

Hey Mort,

I just took a look at the Control Panel and it’s working fine for me now (and I’m remote, not on the DreamHost network). I’ve checked with a couple people and they weren’t aware of any outage. Check again and file a support ticket if you’re still having trouble seeing it. Perhaps it was a minor network blip, but our tech support team is better able to help diagnose.

Yep all OK. Thanks for checking.

Glad to hear it!

Doing it again, in the DreamObjects panel
Usage, Migrations, and Account don’t work. Migrations & Account don’t do anything. “Manage” and “Usage” bring up the “Network error. Try again later.” alert.
If I click DreamObjects in the left hand menu then the manage page shows up, filled in properly. Sometimes it reloads an none of the tabs are links. No tab does anything.
add key, add bucket and view objects work OK. The pop up is the wrong size, but it shows up.

Hi Mort. Unfortunately again I am not seeing any problems. I’ve loaded the page several times and each time all of the tabs worked as expected. Are you using a browser other than Chrome, Safari, Firefox or IE? Is it up to date?

All dreamobjects down for me in multiple accounts.

back up!

Hi Justin,
browsers are up to date. Cleared caches, checked that cookies are enabled.
I’m still seeing the problem. I suppose it’s just my account. I’d like to see my usage and account. It would be nice to know how much I’m being billed, even though I can’t find out how much I’m being billed.

A couple of my customers noticed the short outage a little while ago that sierracircle noted.
Nobody canceled though.

Here is a joke from one of my customers:
“The problems we’re having with the cloud is due to the rain.”