Dream Host Sucks

I’m being constantly attacked by the Klez virus–DreamHost even “mentioned” to me in a reply that traffic about the issue has been on the rise. Well. Here’s the story: I can’t get a single email. Not a single one addressed to my main domain: “aisllc.com” Why? Well, as far as I can tell, it’s because they don’t want to offer a “value-added” service that will filter out aggressive viruses like Klez. Oh, and as I’m typing this? My McAfee service just indicated that my email client (Eudora 5.1.1) is trying to download yet another virus from the DreamHost server. IT’S NOT ABOUT A SINGLE FILE THAT WAS DOWNLOADED, SEE, BECAUSE MCAFFEE REFUSES TO DOWNLOAD ANY VIRUSES. IT’S ABOUT THE FACT THAT DREAMHOST REFUSES TO FILTER OUT KLEZ VIRUSES IN THE FIRST FOOOOOING PLACE.

Greg Moreau

Greg Moreau

There are a hundred million McAfee users.

If they couldn’t download virus-laden mail, their mailboxes would fill up. If their ISPs were able to eliminate viruses at the mailbox level, then those users would have no need of McAfee.

McAfee refuses to download viruses because McAfee doesn’t download anything. Your email program is what downloads email.

McAfee cannot look at files while they are still on the server, only once they reach your computer. The problem is in your computer.

If you want to delete email from your mailbox without downloading it with your email client, you can type “mail” at the command prompt, or you can use squirrelmail. Those are both unix/linux software packages, and thus cannot be infected by the Windows-specific Klez family of viruses.

Claire Booth Luce used to point out, “no good deed goes unpunished”. Never the less, there are lots of people on the net, far smarter than I am, who would go to great lengths to help you solve technical problems. All you have to do is be polite and sound clueful. So why did I wade in? Like I said, they are smarter than I am…

Dear Friend,

Open a web browser window. In the address box type “http://webmail.your_domain.com”.

Login to SquirrelMail, check your messages, and delete anything that looks suspicious.

I perfectly understand that it can be very frustrating getting used to a new hosting situation. I advise you from bitter experience that you will get better results being calm and polite, rather than acting like a foo.

Best regards,

–David B.

Your other option…and stop me if I’m wrong here (wait, you can’t…nevermind) is to use IMAP instead of POOP3 (too many 'O’s? maybe). This way you can read the important parts of messages (to, from, subject) and decide what to do from there. The body of the message (and the any attachments) stay on the server until you d/l them.

There are many pluses to using IMAP…this is just one :slight_smile:

  • randy

IMAP & Procmail: a match made in …unix? :\