Dream Host ranks 4 out of 10


Highly suggest you change hosting to IPower.com they give you 200gb of storage for the same charge (7.95) as this hosting and are never down like this. at least they do not screw up every bodies website. Also have a much better CP (vdeck) that you can actually understand and navigate.

The cp of this hosting looks like a 5 year old built it. Very unorganized and not user friendly. also the vdeck at Ipower will let you edit your files on line. no ftp if you don’t wish.

Been watching hosting sites since 2001 and this hosting company has grown and become one of the most economic and user friendly hosting on the web.

No I am not staff or connected with this company… Just a consumer that researches thoroughly before buying.

Lay odds that the jerks that run the company will delete this post.


Highly suggest that you get lost.

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I doubt they would remove your post…it’s too transparent that you are spamming.


When I read spam like this I know where I WONT take my business. Dude’s already spammed the status blog with the exact same message.


It is not spam. it is honest to God truth. I just spent 2 days fixing a bug that Dreamhosting put into a members website while mucking around with the attack and restore. I have been in the cp and seen the operations. Preschool…

I do not spam… I run many websites and work with php and various other scripts. Even Domainrightnow has a better hosting site. You can run my e-mail in google and see that this is the only site that I have ever posted adverse text.


You’ve made exactly the same post in 4 forums now - including in 2 other people’s threads. How familiar are you with forum etiquette?

BTW, 4 out of 10 where?

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And I guess we’ll just take your word for it. Wait, maybe not.

A Happy DreamHost “Code Monster”