DREAM HOST IS SLOW, don't sign up


Dreamhost has become very unreliable lately, they have extremely slow speeds. I would not recomend signing up.

Other customers who agree with me post “agreed”.


until they confirm this in public and what they are doing about it… and that it will never happen again (it has before) I would almost say I agree.

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Just got 30-40KBps uploading to my FTP site.

I just figured out how they can afford to offer 1TB of transfer a month - there’s no way you can move that much data at these rates.


Is it so freaking hard to give an explanation? Or are they keep luring clients with dream hosting options so that they can find out that it’s some slow crap?

It’s really annoying that they’re on denial!


The problem does not seem to be network wide, I just used WGET to do an upload test on my server ‘Bixel’ and obtained a result of a little over 1.5 MByte/s.

[color=#0000CC]Connecting to download.microsoft.com[]:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 24,265,736 [application/x-msdownload]

100%[====================================>] 24,265,736 1.64M/s ETA 00:00

20:29:03 (1.58 MB/s) - `dotnetfx.exe’ saved [24265736/24265736][/color]


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Why should I care if it’s network wide? It’s still pitiful, and it seems from the thread in the troubleshooting forum that I’m not the only one having problems.


I was just adding information that I thought may help to pinpoint the issue. I was not trying to infer that the problem does not exist, or lessen the importance of having it fixed.

Agreed, I know from previous experience that these things can be extremely frustrating.

I didn’t think you were. As I have said in other threads, there are enough people reporting speed issues to know that the problem is a very real one, across many servers.

I think DreamHost has dropped the ball somewhat on this issue, a simple statement to the effect that they know there is a problem and are working on fixing it would go a long way.


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If DH servers have asynchronous bandwidth, then there’s no reason to expect upload and download speeds to be comparable. Indeed, people are having problems downloading from the servers, not uploading to them.


I understand this, as an ADSL user I live with this reality every day. :frowning:

However, I was replying to grussell, who apparently was seeing exceptionally slow speeds uploading to his server.


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You know, customers don’t care about what speeds wget is able to acheive. They care about what speeds they are able to acheive. If the guy’s upload max isn’t 30-40kb/s, and he is able to get a higher speed on another site, then I believe DH has the responsibility of fixing the problem, or at least give a reasonable explanation of it.

Tell me if I’m wrong somewhere.


You are completely right! STOP DOING WGET TESTS! they are so dumb. Who cares if your server is connecting to dreamhost fast! My site users aren’t connecting to my website through a server they are getting there through thier local ISP.

Comcast, Verizon and Patriot Media Cable are all slow connecting to dreamhost. And there are probably more, those are the ones I have tested.


In this particular case, the WGET results showed that my server at DreamHost, ‘Bixel’, was not subject to the upload problems reported by grussell.

Of-course, this doesn’t help solve the problem experienced on his server, but it does indicate that the upload problem at least is not common to all DreamHost servers, so therefore is unlikely to be caused by DreamHost’s pipes to the Internet.

DreamHost has indicated that the problems users are seeing are related to load issues on particular servers. This would explain why some DreamHost servers, such as mine, do not seem to be affected.

Yes, but the traffic to your users originates from a DreamHost server, which is exactly what I was testing with the WGET command. Of-course, I didn’t test download speed from ‘Bixel’ with WGET, but whenever I download from my sites, I see a fairly constant 150KByte/s, which is near the limit of my ADSL connection.


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Judging from the fact that there are atm 107 replies to the “Everything Slow?” thread in the General Troubleshooting forum, I’d almost say that being slow is the rule rather than the exception.


Yep, agreed. The problem does appear to be widespread.


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Has anybody considered the possibility that some of the thousand users that don’t post here could be getting a good speed…?


I run a number of sites thru four servers and things are ok. While I see there are problems here and there I would not advise people to not sign up (on the opposite, I had as friend sign up two days ago and he is more than happy) because for years Dreamhost has been a good service and the fact a thread with this title is still here shows a way to work that I appreciate.

I hope they will resolve their problems but the fact that they are trying to grow isn’t bad as itself. And while I hope they’ll improve communication on these issues you must admit that 107 replies in a thread are a small number compared to the number customers that this company has.

For example: here I read about delays in account activation. My friend has been approved right away. Another friend had to wait 48 hours. But how many people are signinup and we don’t know anything at all about them?
I don’t think we can consider this forum as a good start for a survey. We don’t represent enough people.

Another example: MySQL servers. While many people here talk about slowness of their MySQL applications blog, some very famous blogs Google sightseeing for example) are hosted on Dreamhost and I find them really fast.

So, personally I still beleive in Dreamhost. Just I hope they’ll also start offering VPS services soon or later :slight_smile:
Anyway for now Dreamhost service is the nearest thing to a personal (real or virtual) server you can get. And I’m not payed by them :slight_smile:


107 replies is in fact the longest thread in the entire DH forums by far. While there certainly are happy customers who haven’t posted, there are also unhappy customers who haven’t posted.

But anyway, simple solution: DH has a 97 day money back guarantee. Sign up and see if it works for you. If it does, good. If it doesn’t, ask for a refund and look elsewhere.


It still takes time to signup but you’re right there is a guarantee and from what I have read they are very good at honouring it.

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I have been following many of the posts in these forums about slow response times from our servers. A few servers still have issues with high loads, but this problem is not system wide. Also, our network is not saturated, nor are our uplinks.

We would like to ask everyone that is experiencing slow speeds to please send in a traceroute to support. We’re hoping that this will help to isolate a problem (a common link in the path for instance).

To run a traceroute in Windows:

  • Open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> type ‘cmd’ and click ok)
  • Type ‘tracert yourdomain.com’ and press enter

To run a traceroute in OS X:

  • Open a terminal
  • Type ‘traceroute yourdomain.com’ and press enter

Please entitle your message “Traceroute - slow load times” and send it to support@dreamhost.com.



Hi Patrick and thanks for the update, I am sure it is much appreciated by those experiencing problems.

As my server (‘Bixel’) does not seem to be affected, I didn’t think the issue was system wide or related to DreamHost’s upstream links.

But, as a said in a previous post, given the number of users experiencing the speed issues, it does seem like more than a few boxes are affected.

Anyway, I am sure that, with some user input, DreamHost will isolate the boxes affected and the problems will be resolved.


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