Dream Host Account?


Ok I have a dreamhost account. Well its in my brothers name and with my brothers credit card. I built him a site, hosted and registered it with dreamhost. Since it came with free subdomains i registered 2 sites and hosted them under his account as my websites.

Now my brother wants to get rid of his website and his dreamhost account. How do I start a new dreamhost account with all my info and transfer those 2 websites of mine over to my new account? I have plans for more sites too. Thanks for any help.



You shouldn’t have any problems just creating your own account - just know that you will not be able to use a promo code for the new account if you wish to transfer any domains presently hosted on a DH account to the new account. :wink:



What if I let the currently hosted and registered domains with Dreamhost expire and not renew them? Then create my new account and website, use a promo code, then re register the expired domains and add them as subdomains? It that possible? Thank you for the response.


You can try that, but I don’t think it will work. DH will still note that the domain had been previously hosted at DreamHost, which makes it unable to be used with a new promo code.

The promo codes are designed to be a “one-time-only” and “for new customers only” benefit.

You should write support and explain your situation. They may, or may not, be able/willing to help you. We are just repeating here what we have been told … :wink:



That doesn’t go with the spirit of the promo idea.

I wouldn’t risk letting domains expire in hopes of re-registering them myself. There’s always the chance that someone will be you to it and then you’ll never get them.

You’ll really have to contact Support if you really want to transfer it to you.

If your brother really is abandoning the account, why not change the account information to your information and credit card?