Dream compute Usage pricing

I see that the price is per hour.
Does the billing stop when the server goes into suspend, pause or shutoff mode or only when it is terminated?

That is what I would think, but when I go to the overview page I get this summary:
Active Instances: 1 Active RAM: 1GB This Period’s VCPU-Hours: 36.81 This Period’s GB-Hours: 2945.17 This Period’s RAM-Hours: 37698.21

The GB-Hours and RAM-Hours don’t make sense (maybe it is total ram or disk * hours). But the VCPU-hours track with how long the machine has existed, not how long it has been powered on.

Stefano is correct, you’re billed until the virtual machine is deleted/terminated since the resources are reserved for your instance until then.

What you’re seeing on the overview page is an artifact of OpenStack. It’s keeping track of metrics that we don’t use for billing purposes. We think it’s simpler to charge hourly per machine size rather than tracking individual usage of VCPU-Hours, GB-Hours, and RAM-Hours.

This is different than what he is saying, he is saying you are not billed while it is suspended/stopped, but not deleted/terminated.

I misread what he wrote and apologize for the confusion! Just to clarify, billing stops for a virtual machine only when it is terminated. Here’s the info on billing in our help center.