DrE@m Host Rips You off


I signed up for dream host in 2004 and signed up for a prepaid one year agreement and registered one domain name. I recieved an email about the dmain only lasting one year while my credit card was repatedly billed for the past 5 years over a hundred dollars a year and after one year my only domain that was registered expired. I just found out where the phantom charge was coming from and it was dream host saying I was signed iwth a contract saying I am charged every year but they had 'NO WAY" to contact me. they told me I had to eat the $500 and said I “asked” for “serives” I never used one bit of their services and they were extremely unprofessional, non customer service oriented and completely shrugged off my problem as too bad. I am going to call the bank and have them contest the charges as fraudulent and misleading. Dream host SuX Big time. They have no phone number to call. they don’t care if they rip you off and say you are upset. They think they are larger then life and it is pathetic. Pathetic company


You forgot to mention how bad they suck because their forums don’t have built in spellcheck. But I’ve got to hand it any company that can sneak “phantom” charges on your credit card bill that are invisible to your eye. That’s a brilliant way to make money.



You might want to prepare yourself for the bank saying, “nope,” to your wishes. It’s your responsibility to review your bank charges…and your responsibility to make sure you ‘personally’ have ensured that you have ‘indeed’ opted out of services you no longer need.

This is an ongoing problem with credit card users out there. They make charges to their cards and then ‘lack’ responsibility.

In the future, make sure you track your purchases. If you make one that expires in one year, make sure you return and opt out if you no longer need the services…don’t expect any one else, including your bank to do it for you.


So you signed up in 2004 and didn’t notice that you’ve been getting charged for the last 5 years ?

Are you that rich that you have no need to see where your money goes ?

Also you do know that you only have a limited time to contest charges, and If I recall correctly 5 years is just a bit beyond that limit.


Your assumption that domain registration is the same as web hosting and that if one ceases the other should too is an honest mistake on your part. Unfortunately, if the service was available to you throughout this time period, whether you used it or not, then the banks have no legal standing to do anything about it on your behalf.

Your best bet (though it too will likely fail) is to try recouping the money back from the actual CC company itself via a plea of ignorance - something along the lines that you weren’t made aware by the CC company itself that recurring payments were automatically authorised by default (if that’s actually true). Don’t like your chances, but for 5 hundred clams it’s worth a shot.

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sXi is right. You misunderstood the terms. A domain registration only lasts a year (as it does from any registrar), but that has nothing to do with your hosting contract. DH’s terms & conditions is clear that your hosting contract does not automatically expire after a year.

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