Drag and drop

I want to know if anyone here knows where I can find a software that will allow me to make a website visually…what I am wanting to do is make a fansite…it’s not for business…but for viewing purposes only…without having to start from scratch…something that will give me templates and layouts to go with…I don’t know much HTML so what I am wanting to do is make my site by “drag and drop”…something where I can have my site up in practically no time…I don’t want to have to learn all the basics of HTML…
I guess like a photo editing software…where I can see bascially everything that I am putting on my site while I am placing it there…am I making any sense?..but the thing is I don’t want to spend over 100 dollars on this…please help…

I know of nothing for less than 100 dollars in the “wysiwyg” editor department, and even the ones over 100 dollars make a pretty feable attempt at decent markup that will render the same in all browsers.

might poke around here if you’re dead set on it:


What you want is NVU. It’s technically still under development, but it’s close the final stages, Open-Source, based off of Mozilla’s Composer, has very strong support for standards, and is and will always be 100% free.


what about this…Web Easy 5

It’s not free, like NVU, but I guess it’s ok if you want to spend the $.


I’ll look into it…

Well, it’s long after the original post on this thread, but just had to say “thank you” for the pointer to NVU, MacMan. When in a pinch for time, it’s great to have something that’ll write clean code. NVU’s code even validates at w3c.org. So thanks!!


No problem. I’m always glad to recommend good free applications.

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