Just started managing this account on dreamhost. Worked fine for a week or so and then I check the site today and it is down (500 error). Been down for almost 4 hours despite tickets. Is this normal? I was under the impression that 100% uptime guarantee would mean this wouldn’t happen. Or at least if it did someone would answer my ticket or something. Anyone else had problems with communication during downtimes and/or excessively long unplanned downtimes? Anyone else down right now? Most other hosts I’ve used can get things back online in an hour or so or at least let me know what is going on. I’ve heard really good things about dreamhost which is why I am confused.

500 errors can be caused by many things. If your site is dynamic then the first check to do is upload a static HTML file to your domain and browse to it. “100%” anything doesn’t exist anywhere :wink:

yeah, I have a test.html uploaded but it still 500’s out. I get that downtime does happen… it’s just the hours without communication that are making me worry. I’ve got people mad at me and generally nothing I can say because I don’t know what is going on. It’s just frustrating - and seems more so than the usual downtimes where there is at least some response.

If HTML is 500’ing there’s bugger all you can do really.

Tweet them @DreamHostCare and someone might take a quick look at the account for you.

Thanks. I’m suddenly back up. Maybe I just needed to post here and then my personal bad timing curse would work in my favor.