IDK whats up with dreamhost but this sucks,right now when I get high ammounts of traffic from and stuff my site doesn’t load. is my site and u cant access it.then theres some other times when it slows down ect… doesn this happen to the rest of you or is it just me?

Don’t forget to mention that you’re on “nilla.” There’s nothing in DreamHostStatus about any recent problems with it.

Most people have only had slowdown or dead sites in the dark days of Dreamhost’s network problems, but not lately.

Have you contacted support about this? In the mean time, the server is pingable, so it’s not dead. If you can SSH in and look at the Load Average, that might shed some light on the situation.


For the record, I can access your site just fine. It took about 3 seconds to load, but it loaded.

Yes, I have an opinion.

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