I am just curious if this is happening to others or not. I’m not talking about the announced system wide downtimes when hardware goes out etc. I am talking about my domains going down roughly 4-5 times a day from anywhere to 5-60 minutes each time. Typically only once per day is it ever over 60 minutes.

Ever time I submit a ticket but it usually comes back up before anyone gets too it and they say nothing is wrong with it. Does this happen to anyone else?

Were you having these problems before the recent filer issues? I’m asking becuase that could well be the source of the problem. Even if you’re not directly effected by the corruption lots of the netowrk is heavly saturated.

If you were having these problems before the mess of the past for days, have you explained to support how this is an on-going issue? I’d sigguest working with support a little more, I bet they’ll get things straighted out shortly. Try to understand at the same time it’s really hard to fix something that isn’t broken when you’re looking at it.

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