Is it normal for a Dreamhost server to fail nearly every day, sometimes multiple times per day? My web site has been rendered almost unusable by the atrocious downtime on the Jarvis server, and as I’ve only just joined, I’m considering taking advantage of the money-back guarantee. At this point, it seems to me that no knowledgeable webmaster would put up with such an unreliable host. I’m curious to see if these problems are unique.

Thanks for any input.


No, your problems are not unique. For a few weeks I have been experiencing down time on and off. Looks like my downtime has something to do with the MySQL databases. I have been very patient up until now, but this is seriously starting to piss me off.

Support tickets are a waste of time, 48 hours later, when they finally decide to get back to you, the problem is usually gone and you get the “Nothing’s seems wrong” BS answer and then it happens the next day!!!

I am trying to run a community and the shitty hosting is really hindering my communities progress. I am very tired of dealing with daily BS that is SERVER SIDE. Get your foo together DH.