Downtime Wordpress hosting last two days

My Wordpress website has been down several times for hours since yesterday on the shared hosting plan. For a company that promises 100% uptime, this service has disappointed me very much. I now have to disappoint my client with a website that is not working.

As a point of feedback: do not promise something you cannot make true.

To check if your server is actually “down” use this link:

Otherwise, if you cannot access your site (and your server shows as “Operational”) then it is likely your ISP or a network traffic jam and not Dreamhost. This is more common than you may think.

The annoying this is that the downtime was not even reported on the status page, but was confirmed by an employee of DreamHost:


Please accept our apologies for the trouble with your server ‘lizard’.
We’re currently chasing down a rash of abusive users that are driving the
load on the server up. Our admins are on it and it looks to have
stabilized. They are continuing to monitor the server so if you do notice
a spike, you can rest assured that our admins are working on it. Thanks a
ton for your patience!

Stay Safe!

The status page reporting the server as operational and a resource hog on your server that causes your site to not resolve, are not mutually exclusive.

Likely a matter of symantecs, but the server can be running as intended (operational) but access can be jammed.

If the issue keeps occurring, you may wish to consider asking to be moved to a different shared machine.

From where you have purchased your hosting? Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, DreamHost? I thing the hosting of Hostgator and Dreamhost is best amongst all and their support is also instant. I am using Dreamhost hosting for my FaceTime for PC website and is quite good and fast.