Downtime this weekend?

My users (I am hosted on gage) were reporting a vast array of problems this weekend, from approx. 11am GST Saturday to 12am GST Sunday. They had page timeouts, pages not available, “page cannot be displayed” errors, random logouts, database errors, almost anything that you can imagine going wrong appears to have gone wrong!

I’ve looked around but I can’t see any service downtime noted, no announcments, error emails, or even threads here. Anyone had any idea what was going on?

One of the shortcomings here is the lack of reliable uptime (or downtime) monitoring/reporting. This is esp. true when you are hosting your own clients; in situations like this for instance, you really need something solid to get back to them.

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I know, when you have paying customers who want to know why your site is not working, its frustrating to have to say “I don’t know, maybe something wrong with the server.”

Of course … it shouldn’t be happening at all. I have seen a number of people on the forums complaining about MySQL downtime, so its a concern to me. How often is this going to happen? Once a week? Once a month?