Downtime on DH


Can anyone vouch for DH’s downtime record? I just signed up for 3 years however am experiencing quite a bit of downtime.

I paid the same amount on another host (that was not “green” like dreamhost) for about 10 years (and recently switched from them to DH) and honestly never remember any downtime. So the “that’s what you get for cheap hosting” excuse is not true I guess.


I’ve been pulling 100% uptime for what seems a couple of months straight. It drops to no less than 95% on rare occasion, and maybe below 95% once in the three years I’ve been here.

New accounts all get lumped together on new machines, so those users have to deal with new people trying crazy stuff that brings the entire server to its knees. It settles down after a while, though.



Thanks Scott. I sure hope it settles down…


It does get better. I can attest, I had some initial jitters too. When I signed up back near the end of 2006 I had a giant headache in April of 2007. I was down for almost 13 full days throughout the month of April. I don’t remember what the problem was, but hell, it was bad. I then had 2 minutes and 33 seconds of downtime in May, but after that, it was smooth sailing. I’m on a good server, a great cluster, and I’ve had 99/100% uptime since as far as I can tell.

I just transferred another domain to Dreamhost and I swear, they make everything easy as pie (or a few clicks). Maybe it’s just my luck, but my experiences have been nothing but outstanding, and they take hosting seriously. No one likes downtime and everyone’s more than eager to get things back to normal.

(I track my uptime through a third party which checks uptime every hour on the hour, so if I went down for a couple minutes in between, then I don’t have a record of it and didn’t notice it myself.)

take the time.