I want to be able to put jpg files in a directory.
When someone goes to that directory, I want them to simply see a list of those files. When they click on one of them, instead of the jpg displaying in their web browser I want the file to be downloaded onto their computer.

I know I can have an html page of files listed where people can right click and download them, but that is not the method I want to use.

I am sure this can be dome somehow, but I have no idea how other than using some php script. I searched for hours and cannot locate anything that does what we need.

Any ideas?

i do not want to set up a ftp type account unless I have to because their is an extra fee for that.


You need to put an .htaccess file in the directory with the following:<Files *.jpg> Header set Content-Disposition attachment </Files> :cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML CSS

and that does work great

.htaccess is a wonderful thing

but sometimes a misleading area :slight_smile:
can slow ur website down