Downloading Email

I was having a problem getting Mozilla Thunderbird to download email for one address. For some reason, no matter how meticulously I entered the username and password, I couldn’t get this one account to download mail. However, webmail was not a problem.

After enough trial and error, I quit worrying about it. Today, I’m having the same problem with my own email. Webmail works just fine, but Thunderbird won’t download it.

I did set up another mail client to see if it wasn’t a problem with Thunderbird. I still couldn’t get a download.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

I had a hell of a time setting up thunderbird as well. When you set up an account, it doesn’t have a spot for you to type in your password. It will just ask for it when you try to send/receive messages and say do you want to remember it. Be sure your pop server is and do NOT check to use secure authentication.

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