Downloadable PDF?

I need some help. I need to make a PDF downloadable. Currently, I can link to it and download it just fine if I zip it, but I get a 404 page when I try to download it as a plain PDF. The file isn’t all that big which is why I don’t want to zip it. Can some one explain??

Check for an .htaccess file on your site that may have a .pdf line in it.

Also, as a test, try a “wget http://www.example.dom/directory/file.pdf” from a command line.


Can’t really explain anything because you didn’t provide the link. But I’m guessing you misspelled the filename somehow - don’t forget Linux is case-sensitive and that space characters have to be encoded in URLs.

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Hey guys, thanks. I think my problem was that I used underscores as part of the file name. Don’t know why that made a difference, but was able to download it just fine after I changed it. Also, I was attempting to get it straight form the dir index when I was getting the 404, so it wasn’t a link typo.