Download speeds

I think Dreamhost looks very good, but I’m just wondering what kind of download speeds you get from their servers, as they don’t seem to have any download test on their site.

I’ve got a 3mbit connection. I can max out my connection.

Does dreamhost cap each download to about 400k/sec or 500k/sec? I know I can have multiple downloads going that fast but a download has never really gone much over 400mbit/sec.

We don’t cap it; but remember - there are tons of hops between here and there, any of which can be a bottleneck.

Just wondering. Is there any sort of QoS DreamHost runs? Do you have load balancing routers?

No QOS. We have a primary router and a backup router (setup so that the backup takes over if the primary goes down), but no load balancing.

We do use hardware (and software) load balancing for certain stuff, and will probably start using that more for internal stuff (mail, webmail, web panel, etc.).

Will, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

It’s like an erotic story for engineers. jk :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to let you know - a friend of mine signed up for an account a few days ago, and I was that impressed with speeds to Australia (where we are) that Dreamhost now have my business :wink:

I easily maxed out my connection (~155k - iiNet ADSL) on test downloading a 20 meg file from my friend’s site, being located on the West Coast of the US is fantastic for Australian customers!

Hehe Actually West Coast Sites tend to be the best for Latency as it is the primary Termination for the Telstra AUS <> US Backbone…