Download speed and behaviour under high traffic

I have a games website and I get about 1000 visitors/day, and about 1000 downloads of my 5 MB games (no flash games, just a forum with on average 2 people there).

Do you think DH’s shared plans can handle this? I’m not worried about the bandwith, more about the website running decently fast.

What if I got twice the visitors and downloads?



I answered your original question here:

I’d still say give Code Monster a try while it’s on sale. If it doesn’t work, then you probably need a dedicated server (unless you just run out of bandwidth–then you can just upgrade to Strictly Business). At least with DH, you’ll have an option between using the 97 day money back guarantee, or an easy upgrade to one of their dedicated servers, that use the same control panel you’ll be used to with the shared plan.

The games are yours, that you wrote, right? They are strict on any type of piracy. Even if they are yours, I’d make sure you don’t have a forum or some other means for people to trade stuff, or link to pirated games.

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Yeah the Code Monster plan is on sale at the moment. Remember the bandwidth limits grow with your account each week.

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