Download of backup

I’m a bit confused.
If I try backing up the domains directly it skips the email accounts, so I ordered a Manual Backup from the panel:
Home->Backup your account

After a couple of days I got an email telling me that the backup was available at

Now, I can see these files in Firefox, but I can’t access the folder in ftp using my usual login and password.
What am I doing wrong? How can I download this folder to store it locally?
Thanks for the help

This is a new feature, and most of us haven’t tried it.

What shows up? You say there are files, but how many, and can you tell what each one is? Clicking on each one should download the file in Firefox, where it’ll save it to your download folder. Since it’s on a specific backups server, it won’t be accessible via FTP.


It’s this still a beta feature. If so that maybe why the OP is having issues.

My website

As far as I can tell, these files are actually placed on Dreamhost’s site not yours. I just did my backup recently and went to get the files today and as far as I can tell the files are in backup.dreamhost not say

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Hi all, yes, that is exactly right, they are in, my account is on ovaltine.
The problem is that it presents a list of files but access is forbidden both to files and folders.

My company is using Dreamhost as a mail/svn server as it has so much space we simply archive the files and never need to delete them.
Is there any other way to make a backup off these email files?
Thanks a lot

I backed up by account. When I try to download the files I get an “Authentication Required” screen. I type in my username and PW but it does not recognize them as authentic.
Any Ideas???

Alan Stout

They have introduced the password protection as a new feature in the last newsletter. Did you check if the username and password can be found in the notification email which you received after the backup was finished?


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I will be happy if i can use ftp to download the backup